Women Oppressed in Hi-Tech

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The dark side of women tech groups - Marlene Jaeckel

In my experience, the women who are most often genuinely abused, oppressed and disrespected in tech are those who have the skill, attitude and strength to excel at business/technical. They take the abuse, and the insult of seeing people occupy positions with no technical orientation who think they belong there because of their vagina, with quiet resentment - only revealing their feelings to their fellow geek co-workers who can understand. This woman's mistake was probably that she openly and honestly expressed her opposition to certain axioms or comments because she follows different principles and has different beliefs. I knew better than to do that - you have find ways of not responding or responding without agreeing but in a way that confuses the marxist so they can't extract a further grievance.

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People disenfranchising those that aren't 'of their tribe' is one of the oldest methods of enforcing learned social behaviour. Has nothing to do with marxism or any other ism. Women backstabbing each other is nothing new either. Third wave feminism did nothing about that, if anything it made it worse.

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