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Walk Across Goldstream Suspension Bridge

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A Walk Across Goldstream Suspension Bridge

Some Spikers are from BC / Vancouver Island, so here's a video of the new hiking trail in the Sooke Hills Wilderness Trail, which opened in July 2017. It features a suspension bridge over Goldstream. The trail is in the Sooke Hills Wilderness Regional Park.

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Costco thieves walk straight into cops

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Costco Thieves Busted

These thieves have been using the same technique in the past: Grab a bunch of merchandise and run out of the fire exit door to an awaiting escape vehicle (the black Toyota).


This time however they were recognized by the store security who called the police. The officers found the black Toyota by the fire exit. They blocked the car in and simply waited for the thieves to come out of the door.

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Defendant Shot In Courtroom

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Defendant shot dead after attacking witness in a federal courtroom - Daily Mail

Crazy ass shit.


Shocking moment a Crips gang member defendant, 25, grabs a pen and launches himself at a witness before a marshal shoots him dead during a racketeering trial

Defendant Siale Angilau, 25, was shot dead in a Salt Lake City courtroom in 2014

Video of the moment he was shot was released by a federal judge on Monday.

The witness was another gang member who was testifying against Angilau

A deputy US Marshal then fired four quick shots at Angilau, killing him.

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