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Defendant Shot In Courtroom

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Defendant shot dead after attacking witness in a federal courtroom - Daily Mail

Crazy ass shit.


Shocking moment a Crips gang member defendant, 25, grabs a pen and launches himself at a witness before a marshal shoots him dead during a racketeering trial

Defendant Siale Angilau, 25, was shot dead in a Salt Lake City courtroom in 2014

Video of the moment he was shot was released by a federal judge on Monday.

The witness was another gang member who was testifying against Angilau

A deputy US Marshal then fired four quick shots at Angilau, killing him.

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Austin 3rd explosion in 11 days

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Police: 2 Deadly TX Package Bombs Are Linked

Austin rocked by 3rd explosion in 11 days


Police have said that the two blasts that rocked Austin, Texas, today are related to a similar one that occurred on March 2. Monday's blasts left one teen dead and two women battling significant injuries.

The first blast, reported about 6:44 a.m., killed a male teenager and injured a woman in her 40s. The second explosion today injured another woman, with authorities evaluating whether a second person was also hurt, according to the Austin Police Department.

Police Chief Brian Manley said today that today's two explosions are linked to a March 2 blast in Austin, though there is "no specific ideology or victimology behind this."

Investigators said earlier that first blast today might be connected to a March 2 blast in Austin because of the composition of the explosive device used. The police chief declined to discuss the construction of the explosive device or what specific elements make it look similar to the earlier one.

The explosion "is very similar to the incident that occurred in Austin back on March 2, and if you’ll remember, that incident also occurred in the morning hours when the victim, in that case, went out front and found a package on their front steps that exploded causing that individual’s death," Manley said at a news conference Monday.


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The Beauty Of Ukraine NSFW

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Maria Korshunova is one of those gorgeous Ukrainian women but has an interesting story.  She was out at a restaurant when the son of a political figure in Ukraine, who had been married the week before, came on to her. Honestly, it's tough to blame him.....sorta. She refused his advances and he pawed her, punched her, and dragged her around by her hair. Because it was all caught on film, they actually made a show trial and as is usual in Ukraine with assaults on women, especially when someone with connections is involved, he was just let go.


What I really like, even though she got beat to shit, is that she delivered a good solid right before she got demolished. That and she is fucking hot.

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