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Pure Marketing Genius

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Trumpy Bear Official Commercial

No political view here. This is just marketing genius. Orders for these are backlogged for weeks. The over-the-top advertisement (even offering a certificate of authenticity...) that has you guessing right throughout that it's a joke but it's totally real, military veterans endorsing it, adults hyping it for themselves, and people will pay much more than $40 for it. American entrepreneurial spirit making it look easy.

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Cougar vs Cougar Confrontation

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Mountain lion tries to get through glass door at Westlake Village home | ABC7

A family recalls the terrifying moment a mountain lion tried to get into their home through a back door. The cougar vs cougar confrontation should have been documented by a professional team of videographers and narrated by David Attenborough.


.......that cougar of the Australian variety is hot!

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