Hi all and welcome to the badges page!

Here you'll find a list of badges and what they represent that can be awarded to spikednation members for stuff.

If you think of a good badge let me know!


Beta tester:


In the beginning, the great Critikalmind in the wake of the fall of Spikedhoumor after its plug was pulled by the evil that was Crave stood in the dark of nothingness. Above Spikedhumors once proud corpse he did gaze upon the stake within its chest grasping the dreaded metal rod with both hands and said “let there be Spikednation” as he heaved it free. The light came and it was so but Critikalmind knew his work was not done so he reforged Spikednation anew, updating its security and file systems calling this creation, The Beta. Ah fuck it, we needed testers and everyone who helped got a badge ok.


Image gallery:


Have you ever made an image gallery? Anyone that has gets this badge :D


Gif gallery:

tumbi is the god of gifs on spiked so i made him one special. Go check out his good work here.


Front page:


That's right, if your content made it to the front page and i remember, you get a golden star. because you're worth it.


Old fuck:

For when you've been around long enough to demand your own badge.


Discord user:

Thats right, if i see you on discord you get one of these beauties.