Why Most New Businesses Fail - REALITY

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Why Most New Businesses Fail - REALITY

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This is a quick one I put together on my thoughts on why businesses fail and why people fail at businesses/sales.
Thanks for all the support guys, comments always welcome.

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This is great advice.


Communication has a massive impact on perception, perception can alter the facts that are registered by the perceiver.


I would say that it is also important to have a sense of not cornering yourself, and knowing when you need to walk away from an idea.


There is a point when you can scrap an idea and start a new concept. And an unfortunate point when you are a financial slave to dead one.


Dan Pena talks a bit on the differences between management and concept guys.


Dan knows how to manage very well day to day, but he doesn't have the patience and his true passion is flipping concepts which has granted him more wealth and freedom across the societal board.




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