Weili v Joanna

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Weili Zhang vs Joanna Jedrzejczyk Highlights: Best Female MMA Fight of All Times?

Weili started training camp on 1st Feb, travelled from Beijing to Thailand 2 weeks later to make sure flight restrictions didn't force the fight to be called off. 2 weeks after that she flew to Abu Dabi for the same reason, then 2 weeks later to Las Vegas for the final 2 weeks of her camp. She was quarantined inside of a hotel & recovering from jetlag for a good portion of the time. In Vegas, which is an 11 hour time difference with Abu Dabi, she was only getting 3-4 hours sleep per night & in the 2 nights before the event had 6 hours sleep total. She was spacing out on the way into the octagon from the lack of sleep. Rather than cancel the fight like most fighters would have, she fought though it & took a split decision victory against an on-form decision queen & former champ, even taking it to her in her own style - a stand-up kickboxing match. Her performance was not 100% but it made for an awesome fight.


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wait, wait. mma transends gender, age, weight and nationality?

i'd love to see an 80yo 85kg guy fight a 22yo 125kg woman.


this was a really good fight though. women are a fraction slower and you can see their punches better.

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