Trump Bribes America


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Yeah great, so everyone gets tax cuts. So what? That just means the government is getting a shit load less money. What does the government do? Take care of people who can't. I earn 20k a year, $30k for my household, and don't give a shit about tax breaks, what extra am I going to see on $30k? 500 bucks? Massive influx of money on tax season just means poorer people will go out and buy stupid shit and struggle the rest of the year as they did before, giving money to walmart and amazon who'll just hoard it like they always do. Middle class might take a trip and the upper class will just toss it into a investment acount to make sure they stay ritch.

Money needs to realocated to the poorest to stimulate economic growth. Poor people spend money, that's why they're poor. Realocation has been done by taxing the more wealthy and goverment services take that money for healthcare, foodstamps and welfair. Those things are about to get cut the fuck up.

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