Mini Ice Age Ahead?

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Are we headed for a Grand Solar Minimum?

Well, no, but a Grand Solar Minimum. The video explains what and how "grand" it is. Sources in the YT description.

I said it many times before, solar activity is included in the climate models and not "ignored" as some still believe.

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It's infuriating... think it clear by now that people will hang on to anything they don't have to face reality and I get it. We are programmed for this. The things we do to avoid cognitive dissonance is staggering, the worst example of the top of my head is flat-earth. I'm not a part of academia ... I fucked up, I chased clam. So all my friend are of the clam chasing MO. We have nothing to talk about, you actually feel so fucking alone. 

So I just gave up and started drinking  *sips*  

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