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are the macross multi-series any good? because i  liked the models and toys of the 80's 90's mecha era as a kid, but i never watched much of any of the actual mecha anime since i didn't have cable tv or access to the subs or dubs. i did see some macross a very long time ago, and i remembered there was so much focus on a singer or idol and thought it was really stupid, so i never picked it up as an adult.


i did see some very short mecha series as an adult, but they were terrible. the characters were either annoying children or adults that acted like children, with lots and lots of plot holes or really dumb tropes about how the super weapon or secret technology depended on the pilot's emotions. also the multi-series stuff, like all the alternate timelines or universes of gundam, also put me off. i don't like the discontinuity.

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its not worth your time unless you know what to watch. other than that. you might have a better time reading about it on a fan wiki page than watching it.

the bad part of the macross multi-series is that they dont really relate to each other, they have the base story as in they all have variable fighters and they might reference the events in the original tv show. other than that, each new series, even if its a sequel, prequel or a new story, always has different characters.


so you got

- Super Dimension Fortress(SDF), the original tv series. the premise is cool. giant alien ship crash lands on earth. people reverse engineer it and repair it. aliens come back looking for it. it activates and fires at the aliens starting a war.

- Macross Do You Remember Love? a movie version of SDF if you dont want to watch 36 episodes.

- Macross 7, a sequel to SDF, 35 years after SDF, about deep space colonization mission, its got music

- Macross Zero, a prequel to SDF, a year before the events of SDF, its about human space wars UN vs ANTI-UN

- Macross II, 80 years after SDF, new alien invasion, its got singing involved

- Macross Plus, 30 years after SDF. about old friends, new fighters, a girl and A.I

- Macross Frontier, 31 years after SDF, its about pop singers in variable fighters exploring the galaxy

- Macross Delta, 60 years after SDF, more pop singers singing for a cure


i liked the original SDF and macross plus, macross zero was ok. everything else was too much

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