How COVID is NOT like flu

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The Latest Speculation on the Wuhan Lab Theory w/Jack Carr | Joe Rogan

Just want to be clear that anyone who is informed understands how this is not like the regular flu - it's not just speed of distribution but also incubation as well, and the two combined make for a "frightening" (not necessarily deadly, which is also NOT exclusively good) insurgent pathogen moving through the population. I had this in February and didn't notice it. Noticed the leisions on my toe nuckles that were hot to the touch and peeled off in layers but that wasn't a symptom of COVID until it was discovered this month, mainly in those who report having been largely asymptomatic, and mainly in children (who knew there'd be an upside to refusing to grow up) - 


Understand, as Daft Cunt is saying, that this is different and that's why there needed to be a reaction. The death rate is just one metric - it's not the full picture, but it "currently" appears that it was way off in the initial analysis, with some strange outliers. That could change. Current reports, mainly anecdotal but some studies are in progress I believe, are that regular flu deaths are probably being counted as COVID to some degree, depending on the place, with some doctors reporting that their hospital administration is pressuring them to list deaths as COVID-related (I didn't think that was a thing that could happen, but they are the employer so I guess it makes sense). That said, even with miscounting it's there, it's real, and there are thousands of front-line health workers that are going to live with PTSD for the rest of their lives with the horrors and sorrow they've witnessed.


The completely separate issue that concerns me is this being used as an opportunity to implement some stupid preplanned bureaucratic policy along the lines of Project for a New American Century at the doorstep of 9/11. People out there saying the virus is a hoax are the enemy of anyone who is concerned about this second issue. Because those who understand know that to point out the danger here is not to say that 9/11 was a hoax or that this virus is a hoax - it's to say that there are assholes waiting in the wings with power for an event like this to piggy-back off. So watch out for that - watch for it in the response and in bureaucrats and politicians trying to lay out for you a "new normal". Listen to the virologists, yes, but as this progresses listen to critics questioning the logic of the continuing response measures as they unfold over time, as well as economists, sociologists, and psychologists. Bring it all together, and try not to bake a cake that fucks us all twice over.

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Doug Ford has been quoted as stating "Things may never be the same again. Things have changed, we are doings differently."


Short to medium term. Yes things are going to have to be different.


But LONG term. Things better go EXACTLY back to the way it was. Like this never happened.


The economy will do whatever it does. But our freedoms are not up for debate.


I just hope it was a poor choice of words that he didn't think through instead of  trying to "Cushion" our loss of liberty long term.

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