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Guns for shoes | Indian inventor creates 'firearm-boots' for soldiers

An eccentric inventor has unveiled his latest security gadget: a pair of shoes with built-in guns capable of firing bullets.

In what could be contraption straight out of the latest, much-delayed James Bond movie “No Time to Die,” talented young inventor Shyam Chaurasia from the northern Indian city of Varanasi has developed an intelligent shoe that he claims can track enemies from 20 kilometres away based on sound waves.

He built the shoes to help the Indian Army to track down the enemy, he says.

Each shoe weighs 6.5kg each and costs around $500 to develop. It took two months for Chaurasia to build the prototype.

Video shows two built-in 9mm guns capable of firing installed on each shoe. Bullets can be fired remotely using sensors and through the watch device.

The creator plans to approach the Indian Army's research and development team to share his invention.

Chaurasia, who works for a research organisation in Varanasi, has created several devices aimed at improving security for women and the army.

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lol hillarious, let's just hope he doesn't one day feel he shot himself in the foot.

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When you want to scam investors but you're too stupid and unskilled to come up with a fake product and claims that are believable.


Seriously, it's not even a real gun, it's a tube with a blasting cap shoved in it. He didn't even bother hiding the wires.

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