Deer Runs Through Hair Salon

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Deer jumps through window of Long Island hair salon

Deer running through windows has actually happened quite a few times but is usually just caught on security camera with no sound. This incident on Long Island in New York startled a few customers..


A deer startled customers at a hair salon on Long Island after jumping through the window. It happened at ' Hair Salon' at 344 Portion Road in Lake Ronkonkoma just before 12:30 Saturday afternoon. The deer struck a woman sitting on a couch in the front of the store. Police say she suffered leg and head pain. She was transported to Stony Brook University Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The deer was not at the scene when police arrived.





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Hahaha that's a great post. Thanks, I needed the laugh!

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They go straight through the fuckin window then run around as if they are crazy

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