Automated machine , 150,000 cocaine packets a day

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Polícia Civil localiza máquinas que embrulhavam 150 mil papelotes de cocaína por dia

Police in Sao Paulo, Brazil, busted a cocaine operation on Monday and found machines that can reportedly fill 150,000 baggies per day.

The raid occurred in the Jardim Avelino neighborhood of Sao Paulo on Monday in a middle-class home that was equipped with sound insulation so that neighbors would not be alerted to the operation. 

Authorities arrested three people and recovered more than 10kg of cocaine from the narcotics factory, according to a press release.  

A video shows the machine filling the bags the same way chips are packaged via a flow through method.

Behind the camera, officers can be heard speaking Portuguese. 

One of the officers says: 'Hey Marcão! A baggie factory! It's 150,000 baggies per day. Each for 10 reais, producing 1.5million reais each day! Take a look. It's madness!'

Three people were arrested at the factory, a man who handled the production and two women who watched over the packaging. 

The arrests came after a three-month investigation by the Civil Police of Sao Paulo along with the State Department for the Prevention and Suppression of Drugs. 

Each of the three machines are believed to be capable of producing 150,000 wraps of cocaine each day.

Police released footage showing one of the machines in action following the raids, alongside thousands of bags of cocaine already packaged. 

According to experts in the sector, the machine would been used in the food industry to bag products such as condiments but adapted.

They also pointed out that it has the capacity to achieve a speed up to three times greater. 

10 Brazilian reais is a little over $3, meaning that if the officer's calculation is correct, the machine would bag about $450,000-worth of bags every day.

In a Reddit thread, users questioned how the bags could be so inexpensive. 

The bags reportedly contain one gram of cocaine each. Generally a gram of cocaine in Brazil would cost about $10, according to the Global Drug Survey in 2015.

In the U.S., a gram would cost about $55 on average, depending on the quality. 


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86000 a day

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