Where is the Hate?


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Dov Hikind

 advocated for the profiling of Muslims of Middle Eastern and South Asian background as a response to terrorism.[10] In 2005 he sponsored a bill to allow police to focus on Middle-Eastern men in subway bag searches. At a news conference, holding up photos of Muslim men, he said, "The individuals involved [in terrorism] basically look like this. Why must police think twice before examining people of a particular group?"[13] He has described this as "terrorist profiling".[14] Civil rights groups opposed Hikind's proposal, and the New York City Police Department released a statement against it, saying that "Racial profiling is illegal, of doubtful effectiveness, and against department policy"


is on FOX bitching about Anti Semitism LOL my sides


Love these fake traitor I zionist that act like they love America.... Dov need to fly his ass back to Israel and join the Likud 


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