When "do as I say, don't do as I do" politics backfire......

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How Amazon paid zero in taxes on its billions

I forgot to pay taxes.


the smpotus' "tax strategy" was to tell the plebs they would reduce general corporate tax and eradicate the loop holes (or create an incentive not to use them?) soas to cash in bigly. Seems like it worked. And now, of course, the same people that would have congratulated and praised a Trump to pay 0 tax to an Owbarmer admininstration are all miffed at a certain Bezos.


But, hey, build a wall and keep the beaners out, it's a state of emergency, right?


The comedy continues.


I just ordered something from Amazon, btw.

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"Amazon reported a $129 million tax REBATE on $11.2 billion in profit last year, making their tax rate -1%"

- Tusli Gabbard on Twitter today.

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