Tourettes Syndrome Documentary

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Tourettes Syndrome documentary

I forgot to add a description!

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I was diagnosed with ADHD and Tourrettes around 6 years of age. You get used to it rather quickly and learn to bottle it up until you are in a safe place. Mine was facial tics and I had some vocal stuff going on, lots of weird mental blockage too. 
It's almost like an itch in your brain that can only be calmed by performing whatever this entity is calling you to do, even though your whole body is trying to fight this battle that you lose every time it happens. It slips out when you are relaxed and boils over when you are stressed. 
My tics went away around age 13 years of age, I'm guessing with lots of work and maturity. I'll still get a little nose twinkle or a squint of the eyes when I'm stressed or gaming real hard. lol
Best of luck to these dudes. Shit was not fun, doing battle with your own mind.
I am laughing at this a bit, there's some good shit in here. 
-"Hello, I'm Heather from citizens advice bureau. Don't know if you've"


 - "I get stabby with knives" 

- "I'm a Chicken, I'm a Chicken"



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