Teen Is Caught Impersonating A Sheriff


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I think they forgot to add the 6 minutes thats missing from the video. Fucking cops, even when they're in the right they still are doing it wrong. I bet the kid admitted his dad is the cheif or some shit. I've seen that shit happen in front of my house. A drunk 20 something year old woman drove over the curb into a park hit a concrete basin went airborne slamming into a 200 yr old cast iron water fountain. The water fountain was destroyed and landing about 40 ft away. The first cop that showed up asked her name and when she said her name the cop asked if her dad was a cop and when she said yes the cop told her to shut the fuck and sit in the back of her car. She was absolutely wasted, walking around barefoot in the snow and unable to talk coherently. After about 20 min someone showed up and took her home, probably her dad. No charges, no fountain, no follow-up. I made a stink about it to my councilmen asking about the fountian and he in turn told the parks dept who questioned the cops, the cops denied even knowing about it. After a few more attempts by the parks dept and the councilmen the cops admitted they had the fountain in their evidence room and released it. The parks dept went after the insurance company who paid to replace it but still no charges were ever filed against the woman. She must have been doing at least 60mph in a city with 30 mph limits. My friend in highschool used to get off DWI's all time as she bragged about it when it happened, her dad was a judge for the town.

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