Student Suspended for Confederate Jacket


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As he should be. Regardless of what is below, this kid did it to just get attention or he did it for his Dad to get attention. That jacket is new, he hasn't worn it for years and now people have a problem with it. In this case the Father and Son are the issue.


Look, I know what the confederate flag stood for, I know how it came to be. I know that initially it wasn't a symbol of hate and slavery.  Although, that is what it has become, as it was adopted and used in that manner by the KKK and is revered by Hollywood to keep that image reinforced. Which is unfortunate because to a lot of the south stood for ending Oppression. This is the problem, and one that most likely won't be solved, as the "trademark" of the flag isn't what it was as it has been tainted.


Another example of this was growing up near LA, the Gangs all used Raider gear to identify themselves; because of this no student was allowed to wear Raider gear to school. Even if they had nothing to do with the gang. I think the issue is more, this isn't explained when they are confronted with a supposed disruptive clothing item. They are just told you can't wear that, because we don't like it, or it is a hate symbol causing conflict.

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