A Song About Heroin

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Stone Temple Pilots- Atlanta

...written by a guy who died to an overdose.  No matter where he went, the Mexican princess was always waiting for him. 


She lives in a bungalow

She kills me with rosegarden thorns

She waits for me


My love is unusual

It's painted with roses and thorns

with her I'm complete


She lives by the wall and waits by the door

She walks in the sun to me


Visions of Mexico seduce me

It goes to my head so carefully

Memories of candles and incense

And all of these things remember these


She lives by the wall and waits by the door

She walks in the sun to me


She comforts me when the candles blow out

the cake has grown mold but the memories are sweet

The laughter's all gone but the memories are mine

The Mexican princess is out of my life

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Heroin addiction is such a beautiful and terrifying thing at the same time. 
When I was living as a homeless 10 years ago, I met a guy named Svend. Great guy, but he had lost it all. I never found out if his heroin addiction had begun before or after his life spiralled out of control. 
We sticked together for a couple of weeks, and he often proclaimed his love for the drug, as it was "the only thing I can truly count on.. The only thing I love, and it loves me right back. Until death." 
One cold december morning, it must have been around the 8th or 9th of december 2007, I woke up and saw a crowd gathered by Svend. He had taken an immense overdose just moments before. He died before any help reached us. 
I paid my last respect and stole his weed.


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