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The Snowflake Generation

Over 500 people have been arrested in Britain so far for "Writing mean things on the internet." Does this video contradict the anti-bully video or do they have nothing to do with each other?

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A fine video, but I note a leap in logic at 4:05 when he is referring to the "ban bossy" campaign:


"My point here is that it is an attempt to control language; 'don't say negative things even if they're true.'"  An opinion can't really be "true".  For example, if I were to say that Trump is the worst President of all time and then someone countered my claim, it would be quite inappropriate for me to state that my opinion that Trump is the worst President of all time is simply "true".  He then goes on to say that if you don't want to be called a snowflake then just don't act like one, which is fair enough...but the term has no definite meaning.  Am I a snowflake?  Fuckin' say that to my face, ya faggot fuckin' cunt.  But wait, a "snowflake" wouldn't ever use those words, right?  And what if someone objects to the word "nigger"?  Isn't the person objecting to the word "nigger" just a snowflake and he should buck up?  What about people getting upset about Civil War monuments being removed...those goddamn snowflakes should just nut up, right?  Obviously the term is far too vague for us to get any value out of the advice to "just don't act like  a snowflake". 


I also chortled a tad that for the next 3 minutes a clip is played of two men over the age of 50 talking about *why* little girls feel anxious.  I hope after that they tell me what the hippest styles in hip hop fashion are.


Overall, my feelings are that you shouldn't be a dick and if you are a dick then you should be treated as such.  I think the popular phrase is "play stupid games, win stupid prizes".  Now it isn't as easy as just telling others not to be dicks because their dickishness is inborn inside of them and a part of who they are.  Milo is obviously a dick and he intentionally acts like a dick because that sells...but that the same time there are indeed "snowflakes" out there trying to silence others, which is dickishness in itself.  I say let those people eat each other. 


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I remember once I was working security at a sound festival and I had this camera crew suddenly appear at my area (all Uni students of course) and I had the (what I can only assume was the 'producer') come up to me and ask "can I film in this area"! With the kind of tone like she was already half way through an argument with me.

I simply replied "yes, it's a public area, I could film you too but that would be unnecessary and unprofessional of me". She simply gave me a deflated "oh" as a reply. But the smile from the camera guy from my response/her reaction told me that I managed to dodge a snarky snowflake with a bloody camera crew as back up.


I swear these people/snowflakes go out of their fucking way to get offended sometimes 

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