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 During an interview with “The Weekly Filibuster”
radio show last night, Kentucky Libertarian Senate Candidate
Sonny Landham heightens his controversial comments by calling for
genocide of all Arabs.


Sage Koontz: So are you calling for a complete genocide of the Arab

race? Is that what you’re saying? Unless they raise the white flag?

Sonny Landham: When you are in a war, you kill every thing that moves.

Sage Koontz: [Inaudible]

Sonny Landham: What?

Sage Koontz: Even if it’s an innocent person, is that a legitimate
reason to take a life?

Sonny Landham: Alright, do you consider the people that were in the
twin towers, were they innocent or where they guilty of something,
Sage, you tell me.

Sage Koontz: They were innocent.

Sonny Landham: Okay, they were innocent. So how do you think their
survivors feel about Arabs?

Sage Koontz: I don’t know sir, you’d have to ask–

Sonny Landham: Oh, but you do know how these poor camel-dung
shovelers feel, is that correct?

Sage Koontz: I believe that’s completely–

Matt Cavedon: This is Matt, and I’m from Connecticut and I know
people who lost relatives in the attack on 9/11 and I remember being
afraid for my life that we [inaudible]

Sonny Landham: I can’t hear you.

Matt Cavedon: I’m sorry about that. I said that I am from central
Connecticut. I live ninety minutes from New York City. People in my
town lost relatives and friends in 9/11. I live an hour away from the
nuclear submarine base and I remember that day being afraid that there
could be an attack on my state. I also know Arabs who have pined and
cried for friends that they lost in 9/11. Now I know that the
families of these victims do not support the genocide of–

Sonny Landham: They don’t, alright. You’re speaking for each and
every one of them, you’ve gone around and asked each of everyone of
them what they want to do?

Matt Cavedon: Of course not, but have you, you’re from–

Sonny Landham: Did they want to ret–did they want retaliation?

Matt Cavedon: Yes, did they want blind slaughter, abs–[olutely not]

Sonny Landham: Alright, now, do you know, did not George Bush say a
‘War on Terrorism?’

Matt Cavedon: Yes, something that the Libertarian Party–

Sonny Landham: Wait a minute, I didn’t ask about the Libertarian
Party. I just asked what the President did.

Matt Cavedon: Yes, that’s what he said.

Sonny Landham: Alright, so he said a war on terrorism. Do you know
what the definition of war is?

Matt Cavedon: I know that it’s not killing everything that moves and
committing genocide against your enemies.

Sonny Landham: That is war, my friend. That is war. That is war.
Do you think–what do you think when the bomb was, the atomic bombs
were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Matt Cavedon: Are you calling for outright genocide? Yes or no?

Sonny Landham: I call for outright bombing them back into the sand
until they surrender and if they don’t surrender, then you continue
the war. Because if you don’t, you will never have peace in the
United States. Now do you want peace in the United States or do you
want to live to some utopian ideals that are impossible in a world?

This guy and Sam Kill the arab Harris would been BFF

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