Pro-censorship groups censored

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Socialist Group Cheering Censorship Gets Banned From Facebook w/Glenn Greenwald

Exactly what free speech advocates and anyone with much sense said would happen, is happening.


If any speech can be deemed offensive, then ANY speech can be deemed offensive.

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It really is the stupidity of the certainty of the ideological possessed that are eager to embrace authoritarianism to silence and purge their opponents. Made worse by the left having this idea that the government should do as many things for us possible. Well, the government is doing things for you and me right now. For our safety. To identify and eliminate the domestic threats that threaten our safety, don't you know.


Pristine examples of this thinking here on Spiked. They've given the government and corporations a monster weapon. Facebook didn't go to Jimmy or some lefty to get their definitions of a domestic threat. They consulted with the government, which has their own defintions all written up and ready for use - just waiting for the opportunity. Stop giving it to them.

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