PBS : "How to fight extremist psychology with social media"


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It's like they're trying to convince nazis that they're wrong without punching them.

I dunno man. Punching nazis is my thing and they usually stop listening after being punched.

I don't want to be seen peacefully debating a nazi without at least throwing a punch. I'd never get laid. 


And destroying local shops and businesses that are neutral to neo-nazis during protests appears to be the best way to stifle any criticism. I mean, the guy who invented that strategy should have an award and his own flag. Instead our values are slowly becoming eroded as these inbred neanderthals that voted for Trump are using our streets to demand a right to debate us and to tell our government what to do. How dare they? They are beneath us. 


They can keep trying to bully us, but as long as LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ-community are being discriminated against, and black people are being killed by mostly white males in uniform(It's a fact, look it up), and feminists are being sexually assaulted with trigger-words they call "arguments", and progressive muslims everywhere having a less chance to succeed in job applications against more experienced and educated white people, then we will never stop using violence for anarchy in the world. Because anarchy is the solution to all the things that are bad. Because the laws are systematically racist and only serve the 1%, who all voted Trump, who all are racist pigs anyway.


It's not like the government secures our rights through laws or anything like that. Anarchy isn't going to let the "have-mores" control other people by use of force or anything. It's not like the LGBTQ-community, black people, muslims or jews are going to lose all their rights if anarchy is implemented and be percecuted and hunted down and raped to death for sport in some kind of a barren wasteland because nobody will protect them because everyone else are busy just trying to survive. It's not like they're losing their right to free speech that would let them speak up or anything. That would be ludicrous!


We would of course let muslims preferably practice their religion how they like, because anything else would be discrimination, because Islam is a race. If they decide through their literal interpretation of their holy books to start throwing homosexuals off buildings, stoning muslim women whose been gang raped, then who are we to argue against it? Let them do what they need to do in order to enjoy life as an equal human being. Meddling in their affairs would be cultural appropriation, which is wrong. Islam for middle-eastern people. Dreadlocks for black people. Ching chong music for Asians. Don't mix them. Just make sure that any college campus or classrooms are color graded to the acceptable requirements for successful diversity, and that everyone has a safeplace, anywhere at any time.


Because we are the good guys. We are morally superior.


Take a knee for the revolution. Heil Bernie, unless BLM throws him off stage, because it's okay to do that for your right to protest.



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