[OC] Wun Wun Sculpture timelapse - GoT

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Wun Wun Sculpture Timelapse - Game of Thrones

Yo there folks,

    Like to always post my newest work up here for you fellas and get some feedback.  I'm not around Spiked much these days, just focusing in on working on these sculpts, so I don't know if this community got all fired up over the last season and all that madness/controversy.  Wanted to bring in something new/not done before (aside from the pros that made the original) during the GoT season, so I went ahead and took on the challenge of recreating Wun Wun.  I used all the same materials as the practical effects studio that made him (Platinum silicone, real hair, punched by hand, etc).  Always appreciate solid feedback, so let me know what you fellas think of the direction I'm taking the work (away from that air dry clay and into more professional materials and aims).  Learning loads and hoping to continue to up my game.  Cheers fellas - N

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You did an amazing job! I love it! How long did this one take you?

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