march 4th inauguration day


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Every time Russel Brand does a video on the Great Reset his channel is flooded by Qanon bots. This phenomenon appears to be one part real, one part manufactured. I've been looking at this, as I tend to study fringe nuttery, off an on since it emerged in 2017 shortly after Trump took office. When it first popped up I pointed out that it had every indication of being a psy-op as opposed to some naturally occuring emergent phenomenon - it's function seems clear now. Here's a sample from Brand's comment section - he had to delete about 100 comments responding to the pinned comment he leaves after each video because that's where they concentrate. And when you look at the comments, it really does seem to be equal parts real person who's gone off the deep end, and fake person designed to encourage more to go off the deep end:


"Biden is DEAD. Just look at old pictures compared to current pics. Patriotic actors are playing the role of Biden, thereby having a lot of fun playing the mumbling, bumbling fool."


These people are being wound up, pumped up full of crazy, made to have certain "expectations" and when they don't materialize can be counted on to lose their shit in a manner most helpful to the power base that wants war on terror 2.0 right here at home. Watch, there will be more of this.


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