LWT sexual herrassment

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Workplace Sexual Harassment: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Like it or not, the question "Where do we draw the line'" unfortunately is not that far fetched. The "standards" even in a relatively small country like England vary depending on location. 

A simple "Thanks love." or "Thanks hun!" offered as appreciation from a male to a female co worker or subordinate may be a "trigger" in the city (i.e. London) but would not raise an eyebrow and even be appreciated further up north.

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I remember when a simple "Service me, bitch!" was both accepted and immediately addressed. It's a different world. Enjoy your smartphones and avacado toast but remember, shit was a lot more lit back in the day yo....

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I haven't watched one of these segments in a few months and god damn is he still annoying as ever.  That voice.  That whiney, high pitched, bitch voice, made worse with that silly accent.  Nails on a fucking chalk board.

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