Kung Fu Movie IRL


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Coincidentally, this is the premise.of 90% of every kung fu movie ever made.

This guy's the main antogonist/bad guy and put down at the end by an impartial kung fu master. Enter the only kung fu master not emotionally affected by MMA fighter taunts and insults. One who was initially unwilling to fight for attention when prompted by his students/peers/cronies/compatriots/drinking buddies (anyone will do). Until badguy/MMA fighter's associate kidnaps his pregnant wife and sends him a secret message. "Win and she is yours, lose and she dies...Along with your unborn son.You choose to not fight for honour. Now you must fight for life."
He also didnt know that she was pregnant which pretty much cements his decision. Anyways he starts to lose and with kung fu's ancient reputation on the line, we are subconciously watching an analogous battle between tradition vs modernity at story telling pastiche play here. Lo and behold though, history won again!!!! (in the end)! Myth and popular story telling moral tropes will always fight to keep its place in the present.
Moral of kung fu story myth: Respect your elders bitches

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