Kord 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun | Russian Beast


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This guy didn't really know what he was looking at and made a lot of stuff up to fill in the blanks.


- "One of the key features of the machine gun is the quick change barrel"


Nothing new or unique here. Almost all modern machine guns have a quick change barrel capability.


- "It can be fed from the left or the right which is really impressive because it allows for boxes of ammunition to be put all over the mount of this damn thing. That to me is quite the game changer which really if you put this into a mounted position like these gentlemen are putting here, they can put three or four boxes on the side of this thing and once they finish the belt they don't have to mess around putting a new box on here, it's just swap over to the other side"


Complete bullshit and completely wrong. Only the turret variant has the dual feed feature and it has absolutely nothing to do with faster reloads and everything to do with allowing to change ammunition type (usually between ball and AP) quickly inside of a vehicle turret where loading and unloading the turret's far larger ammunition boxes is far more time consuming. On top of that the machine gun in the video when he's talking about that is only capable of being fed from the right and the additional boxes that are being put on in the video are empty boxes to catch empty brass and empty belt links. They are not additional feed sources. And on top of that if you are a machine gunner and you are waiting for your belt box to be empty to prepare a replacement one you have fucked up already.


"The tangent sight [...] is graduated from four hundred to two thousand meters (insert impressed voice intonation here)"


This is again nothing new or unique for a heavy machine gun.


"You know they are reliable you see them every day all around the world being utilised they are not really failing from what I can see in that footage very often"


Translation: "I have no reliable source of information for its reliability but I'm just going to assume and claim that it is (AKA talking out of my ass)"



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Why that machine gun looks so light and portable :/

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