JUSTIFIABLE HOMICIDE: Chicago choir boy was just turning his life around… before police shot him down

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Bodycam Footage Of Police Involved Shooting in Chicago, Illinois - WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT

Bodycam video released Friday night shows a fatal shooting involving a Chicago police officer. The Civilian Office of Police Accountability, released the video for transparency reasons from a fatal police involved shooting at the end of November. Officers responded to a call of shots fired just after 2 p.m. on November 29th in the 6100 block of South King Drive. Chicago police say 24-year-old Aquoness Cathery was holding a semi-automatic handgun when they arrived. The video first shows officers entering an apartment unit, then chasing Cathery out and down a set of porch stairs. It`s difficult to see what happens as they turn the corner, but in the arrest report, the officer said Cathery pointed his weapon at him, which is when he fired. Cathery then hits the ground at the bottom of the steps. The officers calling for an ambulance. Cathery was taken to Stroger Hospital where he later died. Police said they recovered a loaded glock 9 millimeter handgun at the scene.

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To hear his friends and family say it, Aquoness Cathery maybe didn't even shoot at cops with the Gat pictured above before his time on this mortal coil came to a somewhat abrupt end earlier this week.  Sproinnnnggggg!  His (justifiable) homicide at the hands of police gives TEAM POLICE the lead over TEAM CIVILIANS in the race to see which team has the most justifiables this calendar year.  Cops lead non-cop good guys in justifiable homicides 11 to 10 for the year in Murder City USA, per HeyJackass.com.

Aquoness' family gave them a Trayvon Martin-esque photo of their boy, which somehow got cropped into this photo of the guy from mid-2015.


Here's the original photo, courtesy of his Facebook page:



As Second City Cop noted, Aquoness had that early onset arthritis:



Apparently it's contagious as well.  Seems his friends also suffered from arthritis as well:


He also was "woke" when it comes to politics:


Yet rest assured that the gun control industry in Illinois will use this up-and-coming Nobel Prize candidate scientist's death to campaign to take away guns belonging to the law-abiding residents of Illinois.

Because if we give up ours, somehow people like Aquoness will somehow give up theirs as well?


I don't think so.

From: GunsSaveLife.com

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Racist police murdering an innocent church-goer.



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