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Cool beans. Oh, and guess what? The Russian vaccine, which is one of the only ones that isn't using experimental gene therapy, is not recognized by WHO and European health agencies which means if you get Sputnik chances are it won't be considered for any kind of passport like fascism thing.


They really planned this out and locked it in, didn't they? And clearly only some of it had to do with fighting the pandemic with most of having to do with something else they were willing to implement even if it made the pandemic worse. If you know this is what has happened and you supported and helped along, you know what you should do, right? If you didn't realize this was what you were participating in, I want you to understand it because it will hurt more to see that surprised look on your face rather than the accepting look of a person who made their choice fully aware of the suffering it would cause and personal consequences they would face in terms of justice. This is what I would have said to folks if I lived in Germany in the 1930s.

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