Israel's Deceptive Propaganda Repeated in the New York Times

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Israel manipulates video of slain medic

Earlier today, NYTimes ran a story titled "Israeli Video Portrays Medic Killed in Gaza as Tool of Hamas" in an attempt to legitemize the IDF's crude propaganda & obfuscate the facts. [link]


Interview below with the cousin of volunteer medic Razan al-Najar, describing what she was like & how people of Gaza maintain their sanity 


Since the people of Gaza started demonstrating in "The Great March of Return" a couple of months ago, over 120 Palestinians have been killed including babies, children, medics & press and over 5,000 injured. Almost all by way of sniper. No Israelis have been hurt or killed. A UN resolution calling Israel to restrain themselves would have passed unanimously if it hadn't been vetoed by the United States Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley.


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