Interview with science fiction Editor Karl Johanson

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Forget Reality Podcast Interview with SF Editor Karl Johanson

Forget Reality Podcast Interview with SF Editor Karl Johanson:

Moss Whelan's Forget Reality Podcast, interviewing Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine's editor Karl Johanson. Reposted here with permission.

BCSFA is the British Columbia Science Fiction Association, which has been running since the early 1970s.

I interrupted Moss by accident a few times. There was a slight delay, so a few times I didn't hear his question or point until I was already talking. Sorry Moss! : )

The discussion includes:
-Advice to writers.
-The start of Neo-opsis, and changes over time (
-Neo-opsis' art editor and assistant editor Stephanie Ann Johanson.
-Neo-opsis artists including, Dan, O'Driscoll, Greg Huges, Adrian Kleinberg, Murray Vincent, Janice Blaine, Jim Beveridge, Ron Sanders, Christina Price.
-Science fiction and fantasy writers Dave Duncan and Robert Silverberg.
-Fanzines: Trekada, Canadian Fandom, New Canadian Fandom, The Maple Leaf Rag, MLR, Under the Ozone Hole, Raspberry Drinkzine.
-Zine producers: John W. Herbert, Robert Runte, Garth Spencer, Micheal Skeet, Paula Johanson, E. B. Klassen, Ron Curry, Karl Johanson.
-On Spec Magazine (
-Worldcon 89 at Myles Bos' House.
-Science fiction conventions.
-VCon ( Vancouver BC science fiction convention. 
-Aurora Awards.

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