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Dog Jumps in Pool to Save His Friend || ViralHog

More effort than I would probably give.


An Arizona family filmed a remarkable video that showed a dog save his buddy who fell into a pool and struggled to get out.

Smokey and Remus, the dog buddies, were reportedly getting “rambunctious” earlier this month at their home in Mesa, Ariz. And at some point, Smokey fell into the family pool.

The dog is seen struggling to get out while Remus was pacing along the side.

After a few unsuccessful attempts to get the dog out of the water, Remus can be seen jumps into the pool to give his buddy a nudge.

The incredible video was captured by Laurie and her husband Jay Becerra on security camera, KSAT.com reported.


"Remus my daughter dog and Smokey, our dog were in backyard. We let the dogs in and notice Smokey was wet. So we wondered if he got inro pool. We’ll when I reviewed the security cameras, we saw that Smokey was struggling to get out. That’s when it seemed that Remus was trying to direct Smokey to the steps. Remus did this a few times, then ended up jumping in to nudge Smokey out of pool."

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I don't get how no one sees the fact that the dog outside the pool is keeping the other dog in until the other dog finally promises to pay for "protection"

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