gathering in the red zone


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- These kinds of gatherings were exceptionally banned for this period because of the current surge in COVID cases and hospitals getting close to the point where they won't have enough resources to care for every patient and will have to let some people die to save others. It was well advertised well in advance and plenty of warning was given that hefty fines were going to be handed out to violators.


- Gatineau police responded to over thirty calls of illegal gatherings during that night. Every single one of them were resolved peacefully except for this one.

- The owner who responded at the door lied to the police officers saying that there were only two persons in the house despite several vehicles being parked in his driveway.


- Police reports that the situation degenerated when one of the visitors (the owner's son) became violent


- The two police officers who were initially called to repond to the situation had to call for backup as the situation got to a point where they were being attacked by some of the occupants. This video appears to be taken once the backup has arrived.
- Two people were arrested then released later that night from this incident. Charges of assault against a police officer and obstruction to justice might be pending. Fines for violating COVID restrictions will also be issued.



My take on this: Mamma's big boy there clinging to the door frame like a tantrum-throwing toddler did not get pullet out of the house because of COVID violations but because he assaulted a police officer before the video started.

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