Ethnic Cleansing Up Close

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Israel evicts Palestinian family from home in East Jerusalem

Israeli police on Sunday evicted another Palestinian family from their home in the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem's Old City after the Israeli supreme court ruled Jewish settlers were the rightful owners. Palestinian sources said the Abu Assab family had lived in the home for three generations since 1952. The home originally belonged to a Jewish family that fled during Israel's 1948 "War of Independence" (violent land grab).


Racial colonisation in Israeli law

Israeli law passed in 1950, says that Palestinians cannot return to homes they were forced to flee in 1948.

A 1970 act decreed that property in occupied East Jerusalem abandoned by Jewish owners could be reclaimed.


Colonising occupied territory is illegal under international law.


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That's too bad.  You know, with so many rich Jew haters out there pumping money into anti-Jewish groups, you'd think one of them might, I don't know, give this family enough money to buy a nicer house in a nicer neighborhood.  But no, this family being forced off Jewish property will be used as a fund raising tool.  They don't actually give a fuck about this family.


Also, it's funny to see you wearing two hats Danmanjones.  You simultaneously claim the Venezuela is a sovereign country and nobody should be meddling with their internal affairs but you also push BDS because you want the world to meddle with Israel's internal affairs.
The Abu Assab family had lived in the Baka neighborhood in West Jerusalem until the 1948 war, when they became refugees.


In the 1950s, the Jordanian government, which took control of East Jerusalem after the war, housed them in abandoned Jewish property in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City. <- i.e. They did not buy the property, they were not the owners, they were housed there by the Jordanian government.


After Israel's capture of East Jerusalem in 1967, the Justice Ministry’s administrator general transferred the property in 1974 to a charitable trust, or hekdesh in Hebrew, which obtained the title to it that had been held by the Jewish family that lived there before the establishment of the state.  <- i.e. The property is finally being transferred to the rightful owners.

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you also push BDS

No I don't but I support people's right to partake in it. And BDS is not a state meddling in another state's affairs like your government is doing in Venezuela. It's grassroots activism & should not be infringed upon by a government.


They did not buy the property

You don't need to explain the situation, it's in the description of the post.


The property is finally being transferred to the rightful owners

What about the original home of the Abu Assab family - are they still the 'rightful owners' of the West Jerusalem premise or not?

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