Dreaming Octopus

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Octopus Dreaming

I forgot to add a description!

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More of this, less political propaganda please.

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eye contact flirt
Learn to conquer it in 4.5 seconds, just one look is enough
Learn to conquer it in 4.5 seconds, just one look is enough!
That eye contact is key when flirting is no mystery.
Although body language also sends messages, according to experts eye contact is the most effective method to conquer.
For something they say that the eyes are windows to your heart and that your look is more communicative than you imagine.
80% of the information you receive enters through the eyes and is the most receptive sense.
That is why when someone is looking at you, you realize immediately and your brain begins to take mental notes about that person depending on how they are looking at you.
For example, if your brain perceives that someone is looking at you at the same time as many people, stop recording information and discard it. On the other hand, if it is only looking at you, it will alert you and you will feel the need to look at them again.
So eye contact is vital for communicating all kinds of emotions, particularly attraction signals, making it the most important resource when flirting.
And there are five infallible techniques to achieve it (without looking like a madwoman).
Maintain eye contact for 4.5 seconds
When you look at someone, your brain takes three seconds to scan his face, so doing it for a second and a half more is a way of letting him know that he kept your attention for longer than anyone else.
But eye! Hold it for ten seconds, you will be sending one of two messages: you want to have sex or you are about to fight for something.
After all, looks are one of the best previous games to have good sex.
Sustained eye contact for a long time produces very intense emotional reactions. In addition, it activates the nervous system, elevates the pulse and stimulates blood circulation.
So as subtle as it may seem, keeping your eyes on for a few seconds is a clear sign of flirting.
Look at it, take your eyes off, and look again!
When you are with other people it can be harder to flirt.
The trick is to have eye contact with the person you are interested in, and while watching you, look at the rest of the people, and then look at him again.
This is the most effective way to let him know that he was the first person to attract you, and although you have looked at the rest, he is still the one who interests you.
And if you are alone with him, you can also put it into practice!
Let him know that you are interested in breaking eye contact by looking down and then looking up again.
On the other hand, if your gaze shifts sideways or upwards immediately after making eye contact and does not look at you again, you are most likely not interested.
Follow this advice and in 10-15 seconds you will have your answer: either you have conquered it or you should definitely take a look at the others again - maybe there is someone else you discarded very quickly.
The triangle
When we make eye contact with other people, our gaze usually rests on strategic points of his face according to several studies on the movement of the eyes.
When looking at a stranger or in professional situations we usually make a triangle from one of the eyes to the other and ending in the space between the nose and mouth.
In more friendly situations, the triangle widens and we look down at the mouth.
On the other hand, with people who seem attractive to us, we tend to lower our eyes a lot more, including the chest (yes, you know why men cannot contain themselves, So use it in your favor!
Increase the frequency with which you blink and if you like it unconsciously it will synchronize with you, increasing the level of attraction between the two.
Of course, now do not scare yourself if you blink a little because it does not mean that you are selfless.
When you are completely absorbed in a conversation, busy or very entertaining, you blink less so you don't miss a second.
But, what then?
Put common sense, analyze your body language and the situation and it will be clear if you are flirting back or not.
Peck your eye
The classic, incomparable and infallible wink or sting of the eye.
Accompany him with a sexy smile, it is a very effective way to let him know that you are connected to him.
And if you want to be more daring, try it with both eyes at the same time.
Before you start juggling, what we mean is that you blink practically in slow motion.
But considering that blinking takes milliseconds, in slow motion does not mean that you close your eyes (freak). Simply consciously blink once a little more slowly.
Now if you are ready to go out and conquer with your best weapon: your eyes.
Everything is valid in war and in love, isn't it?
Well everything, everything, no - some things like this are unforgivable.

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I love how they can just change texture as well. 

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Children of Ruin, READ IT!

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