Don't worry about nerve gas!


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thunderfoot is losing it... he's assumed that because the sarin wasn't effective then sarin isn't effective, when in actuality it was the delivery system the attackers used that wasn't effective. by the same ridiculous rationale, if you throw a few bullets at people and nobody dies, then bullets are proved not very effective.

he makes the same asinine assumptions with WW2. most of the weight of ammunitions weren't directed at killing people, it was either suppressing or cover fire, or used to destroy infrastructure like fortifications and even wire. he's not the first to wrongly assume that the purpose of battle is to kill the enemy (it isn't, it's to remove the enemy's means to fight), but if you're going to make a debunking video ffs do your homework and find out if what you think is true is actually true first.

sarin is absolutely incredibly deadly when delivered properly. a spray bottle to the face would do it.

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