Daft Punk - Electroma

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Daft Punk's Electroma 2006

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Beautiful film. Couldn't stop going through entire credits. The basic premise of the movie is about getting over the fear of being ostracized for being yourself and self-realizing, finding your purpose. We all have a dream while growing( something we want to be/want to have in life / want to live up to ) But what happens when you realize such a dream is impossible to achieve it. You lose hope and the will to live. It seems rational to die. Why withstand pain where there is nothing at the end. In the movie, the two robots wanted to be themselves ie their true self and that's why they got human appearance. When people saw them, they were shocked cause our leads seemed happy and they wanted to snatch it away from them cause they thought they can't have it. Although their happiness was short lasted. They realized they can't be their true self and committed suicide due to the lack of hope for their true goal. TLDR: Purpose is the driving force behind everything. Once you find it, It could give your life a new meaning.. If you lose it, It could destroy your will to live.

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Interstellar 555(5?) is another great daft punk flick.

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