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Timber Wolf Release by John Oens 2015 HD

Can someone help me verify that I'm understanding this correcty? This guy says the trap was meant for coyotes, but is there a practice where the idea is to trap a wolf that's been threatning lifestock or whatever, and then bank on the fact that the trauma of the experience will encourage the wolf to avoid human shit in the future - is that right? Does it actually work? Because in the comment section of these vids I see a lot of folks talking about the practice of trapping and releasing wolves that threaten to be problem animals.

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I know very little about trapping in general, I know the basics on how to trap, kinds of traps etc but I have never trapped anything larger than a frog. But I know a fair about wolves and a ton about dogs.  Wolves and dogs in general are a lot smarter than most people give them credit for. With that they can develop their own opinions and mental issues.


Wolves and coyotes just like most everything else on the planet will seek the easy way to again food.  From their point of view what's easier hunting wild prey or something like cows and chickens that are confined and are basically bred to to be fat and slow.


Now since you can't actively go out and train coyotes and wolves you need deter them in some way. Since coyotes are seen as pests they are most likely shot on sight or when they get caught in a trap.  Wolves on the other hand depending on where you are are usually protected and or seen as something majestic and frowned upon killing, so you need to deter them in some fashion.


I think in most places you need to use humane traps which won’t kill the animal and cause minimal damage so you can release them. If a trap is strong enough to hold a wolf you can bet your ass it is going to painful as hell for them.  Since they are not stupid 1 of 2 thing should occur then you release them. 1. They will avoid the area because that was the place where they experienced a lot of pain and most likely scared them alot. Or 2, they will learn to avoid the traps better and become a problem animal.


In general as long as there enough natural food and land for them the process of getting trapped should make them stay away.


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