AN26 Engine Failure Test Gone Wrong

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AN 26 crashed during training flight

1 Cadet died , 5 recieved various Injuries.

Actual Report from RT (Russian News) and the Russian Defense Ministry: "An Antonov An-26 aircraft has crash landed during a flight training mission in Saratov region in Russia, Defense Ministry has confirmed. According to the Ministry, 'Six crew were on board the plane, which caught fire after the crash landing. One serviceman died and five crew members were evacuated to the hospital by rescue helicopter."

"The aircraft failed to maintain the parameters of descent during the final approach and went below the glide path, Defense Ministry adds."

Translating from an outside report:  They attempted to land with one engine off to simulate an engine failure landing with a dual engine plane (training cadets/trainees) , Either the Live Engine wasn't  able to do the job or it suffured its own real failure.  Within that short event there was no way they could get the simulated dead engine back on again in time to regain Lift.

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That's sad. Not just the loss of life and injury but sad to lose such a nice plane. I've always been a sucker for the A26 ever since the movie "Always"

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