American Family Shot down in 2001 in CIA operation

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Air Force jet shoots down civilian plane

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The 2001 Peru shootdown was an incident involving the Peruvian Air Force shooting down a civilian plane, killing American Christian missionary Roni Bowers.[1]

While flying into Peru, Bowers, her infant daughter Charity, husband Jim, and six-year-old son Cory were being followed by a United States' Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) observation plane which contacted the Peruvian Air Force to shoot the civilian plane down, believing that they were carrying drugs out of the country. The Peruvian Air Force was operating as part of the Air Bridge Denial Program. The CIA did not attempt to identify the tail number of church-owned plane per procedure.

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 no flight plan, wrong radio frequency, flying parallel to the Brazilian border, flying in a high smuggling zone. How many more mistakes can this fool make

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