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Awaken Akira

I forgot to add a fan art tribute made by two very talented animators!

But if it gave you goosebumps my work is done here.

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When I first saw Akira, I was too young. I enjoyed the quality of the animation, sure, but the story got a little confusing for me towards the end. I watched it again later a wrapped my head around it.


So is this a sequel? Remake? Live action remake? Or just a fan made tribute?

Tingles where had. Need for more information rising.

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Sadly just a tribute, an entire year in the making. 


I also watched it for the first time when I was too young, at a Japanese friends house.  VHS,  no subs, just the imagery and music.  I'd never seen anything like it.  A few days later I chanced upon a small print ad for a small theater showing at one of the those artsy places and convinced my mom to take me as I was underage.  It was overwhelming.  It might even have a been a bit damaging in way, a bit too much, like it forcefully carved it's own little spot in my soft pre teen brain.


I just finished watching Paciffic Rim 2 not even 10 minutes ago.  I've already forgotten about it completely.

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