Cops Manhandle 78yo at CIA Director Hearing

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Ret. CIA Analyst Ray McGovern Brutalized By Police At Haspel Confirmation

78-year-old CIA veteran Ray McGovern had his arm dislocated by Capitol Hill police as he was dragged out of the confirmation hearing for Trump CIA Chief nominee Gina Haspel today.


- Who is Ray McGovern?

Ray McGovern was a high-level CIA analyst with a career spanning 27 years.

He is now an anti-war advocate & heads Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity. [wiki]
Before this hearing, Ray wrote an article "Will a Torturer Become CIA Director?" [link]


- Why didn't he stay silent?

Gina Haspel ran a 'black site' in Thailand where people were tortured and ordered the destruction of 92 tapes of video evidence.




- Gina Haspel Had Leading Role in Torture


- Gina Haspel Destroyed Video Evidence


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What's funny is we'll look back and ask why the fuck no one did anything...but someone tried.

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Beta Tester

Yeah its sad people just sit and laugh 

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