Woke Mentor, AOC, is PRO-COVID

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AOC Positive For COVID After Partying In Miami, CDC Director Says Vaccine Cant Prevent Transmission

Parties maskless, responds to criticism of this by saying "Republicans just want to fuck me," and then becomes infected with COVID. AOC is pro-COVID - COVID is being spread mainly by the illness of hypocrisy and the natural mindset that results from a belief system that values the signaling of virtue over its actual application.


To the unfortunate idiot who said in the comment section that we were always told the vaccine would not prevent transmission. The CDC director only just announced within the past few days that although it was thought that the vaccines would prevent transmission, "The vaccines do not prevent transmission anymore" - a clumsy way of saying "what we told you was wrong". If you wanna say that this is how science works, please punch yourself in the face. This is the way a medical experiment conducted en mass on the population so that giant corporations can make billions of dollars works.

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