Why did GM "leave" Europe?

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Why General Motors Left Europe

I don't agree with some of the issues raised in the video.


  1. Chevrolet still operates in Europe, most of these cars were previously sold under the name of Daewoo until the company was bought by GM. Chevrolet also still sells a few niche models like Corvette and Camaro.
  2. Main issues with Opel (Vauxhall in the UK) were build quality and innovation as well as the mentioned lack of SUV models. 
  3. The models they buid are similar to small and medium models from VW, Ford, Audi, Seat and Skoda (the last 3 all belonging to VW Group) They had 2 4x4 models years ago but they were discontinued before the SUV boom. Build quality is on par with newest generation french and US cars or japanese cars from 1 and german cars from 2 generations ago (although the japanese are almost on par with the germans). 
  4. This is so bad that even the VW emission scandal did not give them a real boost
  5. Platform sharing within PSA may give them advantages but if build quality and innovation is not improved they will simply disappear.


GM simply misunderstood their european client's (quality) needs and missed the balls to go for innovative ideas, for example the electric car they produced in the 90's for a short while would probably have been the platform to success in this market.


But hay, it's better to build pick-ups for the rednecks. And even there they are playing second fiddle to Ford.


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