Syria Update - ISISNI, Idlib Terris, Kurdish Syrians

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Syrian War Report – July 27, 2018: Army Eliminates Over 600 ISIS Members In Southern Syria

  • ISIS Next to Israel (ISISNI) evaporating
  • Idlib terries about to attack
  • Kurdish relations with Assad improving

It's worth noting that the Kurdish region of Syria has always enjoyed a level of autonomy and they didn't really oppose the Syrian government during the last 8 years. They broke away when the ISIS swarm showed up but stopped short of declaring independence. The only ones calling for Kurdish independence in Syria were the Israelis. This was their plan all along - to Balkanise Syria. To see the a successful version of the plan just look to Libya - it's the exact same model, even the same weapons & terries in some cases.


It'll be interesting to see how long Turkey & US stay in Syria. Neither were invited & both conspired against the Syrian government in particular with their support for anti-Assad terries. Both say they are fighting terries but that excuse is played out & only retards believe it these days.


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