Researching covid origins

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How forensic researchers track down the origins of SARS-CoV2 | COVID-19 Special

Science deniers and headline huggers that like sources that present them with "information" confirming their bias or suspicions seem to think that real scientists somehow stopped (or never even really started) researching the origins of the virus. 

This, of course couldn't possibly be further from the truth!


Problem is suspicions are raised quickly but researched and confirmed or debunked rather slowly.


If scientists present their findings and conclusions tby publishing scientific studies through the appropriate channels, which then are checked, analysed and discussed by other scientists in what is called a peer review process. This unfortunately takes time.


"Alterantive science" producers otoh present their "findings" in blogs, on yt or on politcally rather biased "news" channels, without adhering to a peer review process, taking this important step deliberately out of the equation and thus simply produce garbage that may only serve as toilet paper.


Now a study by Professor Roland Wiesendanger from Hamburg University, indicating that covid-19 may have been spread due to a lab incident at Wuhan, has been published for peer review recently. The sudy isn't yet available to the public. It has been received rather critical by a few politicians and political journalists and enthusiasticly by others, however, one will have to be patient for a few months and see what the peers (not bloggers, journalists or politicians) have to say about it and THEN decide on the appropriate way forward.


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