Politically Incorrect Swedish Sociologist Göran Adamson

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My Chat with Politically Incorrect Swedish Sociologist Göran Adamson (THE SAAD TRUTH_518)

Göran Axel Adamson , born November 26, 1963, in Markaryds parish in Kronoberg County , [ 1 ] is a Swedish sociologist .

Adamson graduated with Philosophy Doctoral Degree in Sociology at the London School of Economics and Political Science 2009. His dissertation is about right-wing populism in Europe (especially Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs ) and the question was: Why do people vote for these parties? He found that it did not depend so much on racism , but rather on populism - that is, criticism of the political elite . He noted that the voters did not feel like insiders, but as outsiders. [ 2 ]

In 2014 he published the book Swedish Diversity Policy. A criticism from the left . The book is about the role of multiculturalism in society , but especially in Swedish institutions of higher education , and is based on the report Diversity in Higher Education , [ 3 ] partly on the local diversity plans of higher education institutions. Multiculturalism and anti-racism are usually regarded as progressive ideas with clear left-wing, but Adamson shows that multiculturalism contains "a variety of racism- like features such as, for example, the mystification of the ethnic group and the thin man between ethnicity and nationalism ". "Diversity and multiculturalism today have an influence in Swedish society that surpasses Marxism in the early 1970s. The problem is complicated by the progressive defenders of diversity not seeing that the ideas they fight are reactionary . " [ 4 ] He also criticizes the police of the Swedish universities in the book - in particular the implementation of multiculturalism as a generally emblematic ideology , according to which ethnic diversity is considered to lead to a creative environment. In an interview, he said: "Perseverance, critical reflection, a prestigious discussion, the very essence of all academic activities, had disappeared through the window. [...] Intellectual diversity is creative, but ethnic diversity means creativity, there is no evidence for it. " [ 5 ]

Shortly after Swedish Diversity Policy. A criticism from the left handed out Adamson terminated his post as Assistant Professor at Malmö University , where he worked for ten years. The denunciation occurred within the framework of a cut, but Adamson claimed that the reason was ideological. His immediate bosses never commented on the matter, but Col. Rector Stefan Bengtsson said that "there is nothing I recognize you". Adamson received support from Academic Rights Watch , which in a number of other cases has raised the issue of academics' freedom of expression . [ 6 ]

Adamson had an external lecture at the University of Copenhagen in 2014-2015 and was adopted in 2015 as an unpaid associate professor of sociology at Malmö University. Since 2015 he has been a lecturer at the Department of Social Education and Sociology at the University of the West . [ 7 ]

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