NZ Potential Terry Gets a Visit by the Cops

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nz police visit a guy on sunday.

About 100 kiwis have been identified by the law as potential problems in the aftermath of the Christchurch massacre. This is one of them.


My 2c: I don't see a problem with what happened here. It's all fairly civilised. I'm surprised they had a gun on them, the guy is right, it's kind of intimidating & doesn't help with this kind of outreach... maybe he has a prior violent conviction, who knows.


In the wider view, I had slight hopes Jacinda would use her new-found lefty hero status to speak out against war in the Middle East but instead she wants to patrol the web. The incompetence of the authorities here, as well as our privacy & human rights  commissions are our saving grace. The police here are kicking off a task force to stalk white supremacists, just like they do with Muslims. I think that's fine, so long as it comes with some open discussion (not blame game BS). The news last week ran a series on online white supremacy/alt right shit. They have no idea about any of it but they're trying to understand it. To me it's just loser victimhood mentality thriving amongst dimwitted people who are easily sucked into conspiracy theories.


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