MSNBC Caught trying to dox jurors, banned from trial

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MSNBC BANNED From Rittenhouse Trial After Police Catch Them Trying To Expose Jurors Identities

They have been following the trial - they KNOW, without any doubt, that Kyle didn't go there looking to shoot black people. He went there to help clean up the damage and brought a rifle to protect himself (good call Kyle). He never should have gone at all, but he's young and doesn't understand what these Hegel lunatics and their dupes are engaged in with their Marcuse-style Anti-Christ stuff. It's hard for me to believe that any person would devote themselves to maximum evil - I've asked sal and his girlfriend about it many times but all you get is clownish responses. It never occurred to Kyle that these psychos would look at someone trying to reduce suffering, repair damage, prevent fires, treat the wounded and hurt, and say to themselves "That guy is set against us - we need to cranium him." Too young, too naive - needs to understand that sometimes a pig is just a pig and a dog is just a dog. 

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