lady robs bank for 100 bucks. doesn't get far

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Florida Woman Robs Bank & Gets Arrested After Police Catch Her Fleeing In Her Electric Wheelchair!

39-year-old Kenyeitta Gordon of Jacksonville, Florida was able to successfully rob the bank she was visiting Monday evening, but the getaway was less successful. Maybe she should have reconsidered her getaway vehicle: her electric wheelchair.


According to Action News Jax, Gordon grew frustrated after she was unable to withdraw some money. She started screaming profanities at the teller and began demanding money. The teller then gave Gordon $100, and she immediately fled from the bank.


Unfortunately because she was in a wheelchair, she didn't make it very far, and the police caught up to her quickly, upon which she was promptly arrested.


Along with the stolen cash, Gordon had a crack pipe on her at the time of her arrest. She is now facing charges of robbery and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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